On a Lively weekend returning from a movie, One of my friend Who’s mastering Web Development in Coimbatore said me about his web application he made on his own and asked me how about having a Coffee and discuss about his web app suddenly I got a brand name which serves Excellent coffee, While having coffee I was thinking how this brand name has been in my mind, And I came to know about the Kind of marketing they made to reach their brand awareness That’s amazing, In this Article, I’ll discuss how marketing plays an impactful role in our day to day life.

Role of marketing


Marketing includes all activities concerned with identifying and satisfying the needs and desires of individual and organisational buyers. It is a prime organisational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing relationships that benefit the organisation and its Stakeholders, Marketing has evolved itself over several decades from word of mouth to newspaper, Billboard ads and traditional marketing methods to today’s Digital marketing methods Which generate great ROI


Everybody and everything around us involves marketing From salesmen selling dresses in a showroom to Ad  commercials we see on our phones and on TV is nothing but a piece of marketing,  In simple terms Marketing means Content, Marketing is nothing but creating the right content for the right audience by implementing it in the right channel and also at the right time and by spending the right budget and also using the right strategies to make the project successful and turn profitable.

Marketing Initiates decisions on what to do in a day. For example, you take a day in your life and try to make a count of it the number of times you have to make decisions in your everyday life, I bet you will miss the count because marketing plays an impactful role in the digital life where even a small step of you action has marketing in it, where it makes use of Marketing strategies like catchy slogans, comparative, persuasive, and visual advertising.  Some of the simple decisions marketing make you to do is like 

  • What do I wear?
  • What do I eat?
  • What do I buy?

Marketing helps you to solve your problems or query by giving a possible solution, Every search you do on google has marketing on the back end of its results, For example, If a person wants to make a Brand new logo design for his startup, If he searches  about logo designing there comes the some of the results which even located to his nearby area where someone has used Google My business for his store marketing and doing Local SEO Marketing for the business 

Marketing makes a great impact by creating brand awareness, Catchy Hooks, CTA, Here in this case we can take Zomato as an example where zomato Uses an amazing marketing strategy it has an underlying marketing effort that results in us trusting the brand and its providers, They use some amazing Marketing strategy by using the latest trends on the internet, Local Festival appropriate greetings in festival seasons, Meme Content on their push notifications which catch our eye and the user get very engaged and the user loves the way of marketing and get used to it, Some hooking marketing tags will make the user land into CTA.

The Need of Marketing is mandatory for Small to Large scale businesses to make a quality content over their product or services and make a marketing in it in the forms of Ads,  Social media promotions, Blogs, newsletters , Video contents .

The second largest search engine next to Google is YouTube where you making a demonstration of product video or Running Display ads helps the user to find a solution to his required product or query which markets your brand to customers and Create brand awareness and it leads to sales 


The Role of marketing is involved in almost every second of our lives in today’s world, Where we get adapted and addicted to some of them which helps in great revenue generation for the country and it’s making our Job done in an easy way!!