In this article am gonna write about an application recently I came out and which was built by a great company and a bunch of talented Youngsters with great dreams to achieve, It is none other than Pepul Social media app from India

Before briefing about pepul I wanna say about Mac app studio, It’s all started with two friends from a place called Rettai Vaikkal, Trichy Named Suresh and George Both of them had founded MacAppStudio and after many years of struggle they are now a million-dollar company they have been awarded the world’s most valuable developers by Intel US. And the way of recruiting people you don’t need a resume for an interview, there won’t be any Bunch of rounds like aptitude test, technical round, or Hr rounds. The way of the interview is different and interesting It’s just about telling your story about the process of the interview from MR. Suresh and George is Still the same they are following the same from their first employee and till now, The only condition from them is DO NOT LIE and Do HARDWORK, The work environment is a dream work environment for a Tech Guys



Suresh used to give speeches in rural colleges, he used to speak and make them motivated and he shoots a question to students about the day-to-day use of applications are only from silicon valley, Why it’s not from Our India? , One fine night Suresh got a wake-up call. “If you calling yourself a proud winner of the world’s most valuable developer if you can’t do it, then how come the young guy who just passes out of college can do it”.

If you don’t have guts and don’t dare to even take this on and execute it, then how come someone can believe they can do it, He says, At present, social media platforms are open to negativity, which leads to the spread of hatred, harassment, and bullying. We wanted to build the safest social network where people can be themselves and express themselves safely, The mission is to connect all like-minded positive people in one place on a positive social platform and create a positive impact in people’s lives and it’s going to be a new social revolution.

What are the positives of Pepul?

It’s totally a safer app You can post text format content and picture content and a video kind of content in it and I have personally used it for more than a month I love the features of the application and people can showcase their talents and get opportunities regarding their works, The first post of mine in pepul got in trending no 1 and which makes you happy an application with zero percentage of negativity. In Pepul, anyone can share their positivity through their life stories, and showcase talents in their interests. Express yourself from your heart and be who you are, And the best part is you will gel blue tick like celebrities, It is done by checking your adhaar verification and which tends to no fake profile creation on or by using your details that’s awesome Nah!!

pepul app

Pepul helps to connect with positive like-minded real people both nearby & distant. In this way, anyone can share their skills and stories, connect with similarly interested people and create their communities in the real world with the help of hyperlocal features.
It has some categories once u post a picture in it shows some categories which u can select and it will show the content you posted based on the category you selected, I had attached the pictures of the UI below

positive and safest social network

Here The founder explains about Pepul Social media app from India


Nowadays Social media is full of negativity, Now we have an App called PEPUL full of positivity and Happiness Let’s use it and support our Indian startups !!! , Many of the big social media applications have a larger user -base in India, An idea of young Pepul Chennai boys is “WHY IT HAS TO BE ALWAYS FROM SILICON VALLEY, WHY NOT CHENNAI” And a first step of the big run is pepul, The New version of the pepul is available in the Play store, kindly do download and enjoy the experience of a social media platform with safer and secured environment in it

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