Google Ad Campaign

Google is the biggest search platform in the world, Google share over ninety percent of the searches happening on the internet and 20 percent of new types of queries are being searched on google per day, In this Google, ads help you to advertise your product or service or business using Google Ad Campaign, According to the stats of google annual report 2021 google has generated 210 Billion dollars using the ads revenue, We can place ads both in results of search engines like Google Search engine result page and on websites, mobile apps, and Youtube videos, In this article, I’ll help you out to create your First Google Ad Campaign, let’s start!!

Types of google ads

Google ads are categorised into several types and each type has different functionalities and goals to achieve, Let’s look at it

Text Ads

Text ads are normally nowadays called ETA which means Expanded Text Ads, ETAs offer three headlines of the length of 30 characters and descriptions of 80 characters, along with extensions that allow you to add things like Contact numbers and links to different pages of your website.

Expanded Text Ads

Dynamic Search Ads

Google at first crawls your website and then matches to search terms which are very closely related to the content on your site, The headline and landing page are dynamically generated to match the search term, and Dynamic Search Ads use the content on the website to target our ads to users searching for similar products or services. This process helps you to save time and it ensures you are using keywords you may otherwise have missed to do

Dynamic Search Ads

Video Ads

Apart from all types of ad formats video ads deliver great results for businesses especially e-commerce business by getting good ROI, And video content make an engaging experience for its user’s platforms including YouTube In a single day, more than 400 million hours of video content is watched on YouTube and its one-third of all online activity is video Content consumption, That’s awesome Nah!!

Video Ads

 Shopping Ads

Shopping ads show items for sale with an image of the Title, product, price and a link to the store. Your product shopping ad campaign will show on Google Shopping, Images and search partner websites and at the very top of the search engine results page (SERP).

 Shopping Ads

Call-Only Ads

When a user clicks the ad, the ad places a call to you directly from the SERP

Call-Only Ads

Why You Should Use Google Ads

If you were asking “Why you should use Google Ads?” right now you should be asking “Why not?”, By using Google Ads and it has capabilities that allow you to get a range of targeting which helps to grow business or traffic to the website, If you take a website to rank by doing SEO it takes more amount of time and Patience to rank on 1st page of SERP, By using Google ads we can get quicker results than with SEO!!

How to create a Google Ad Campaign?

Step 1:

If you are starting off a new account, you’ll initially start by visiting the site Google Ads, And the basic details will be asked by Google and then you will be asked about the modes that need to be chosen, If you are the professional marketer switch to Expert Mode, Then you will set to the see the home page of Expert mode google ads

Step 2:

In this case, you take an example that you have a new page for your business and you need to increase traffic for your page, Then you need to select Campaign Objective as Website traffic, It helps you to get the right people to visit your website, There are several different types of Objectives too which is given below on the image

Campaign Objective

Step 3:

In the next step of the process, you need to select Campaign Type, Here I’ll choose Search ad and ill mention the home page of my website which helps to drive traffic directly to my website

Campaign Type

Step 4:

In the next step of the process, we can set the Ad budget for our Google Ad Campaign and the bidding process for the Campaign and the option of our bidding will be set in it.

Step 5:

In this step, we will find our audience and set the data based on our needs, in this case, I had chosen only India in the audience and I had used the Target location option and selected the language, Here I had chosen English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarathi and Punjabi and in the case of Choosing the audience segment I had gone with Advertising and marketing services

Step 6 :

Here we need to confirm our website and you need to add your product or services and then Autotgenerated keywords will appear, If you need to do any changes in keywords you can do it manually too, And in the next step you will get the preview of ad

target location

Step 7:

Here you need to enter the display path and the headlines, You should nearly fill 15 headlines which grabs user to your website and a description which should be crispy After optimizing these you need to select done and then you can able to see the preview of your ad copy

First Google Ad Campaign

Step 8:

In this step, we need to fill out the procedure of site links extension by filling the site link test and two descriptions and the final URL and you need to follow the process for up to 4 site link extensions

And in the call out extension we need to fill out four call out texts which will be helpful for us to get good clicks we can also select the start and end date of it and the hours too in it, and another extension used here is called CALL extension

Step 9 :

In the final step of the process, you will get a review section in it, There you can cross-check all in it and review over it and check with all are done perfectly in it

Step 10:

That’s it finally you finally click on publish your ad will be on Live


These are the steps on How To Launch the First Google Ad Campaign in 2022, I had learned a few and implemented them based on the best ones that I use for my works kindly Give me your reviews in the comment section and I hope it will be useful for all.

Thank You!!!

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