Chrome Extensions For Digital marketing

The Needs and Services of digital marketing continue to be in an increased state and more content at Digital marketers end, it’s hard to keep up with everything and the time of a particular task is increasing, To make the most of time, In this article, I had mentioned some of Best chrome extensions for digital marketing In 2022, Which helps you to finish your work Easily and Effectively and increase the productivity with just one click!!

What are Chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions are simply nothing but they are programs which are installed into our chrome browsers that add new features and more updated new functionality and that help to extend and enhance the capabilities of Chrome, Extensions are made up of software programs that enable users to customize the Chrome browsing experience among the N number of extensions we are gonna see some of the Best chrome extensions for digital marketing

How to Add an Extension in Chrome?

To add a chrome extension, You need to follow a few steps

  • Open the Chrome web browser and Go to the Chrome store
  • Click on extensions
  • Click a name on it, In this case, I have taken Hunter – Email finder Extension
  • Click on add to chrome
  • Add extension
  • After getting added, Click on the right side of it you will get the Hunter extension working
What are Chrome extensions?

Best chrome extensions for digital marketing

Some of the digital marketing chrome extensions which are best and allow you to increase productivity, reduce time


Loom is one of the best screen recording tool in the Indian market, Loom allows you to take screenshots and make short recordings which are useful for tutorial purposes, It can save time by keeping you out from making a large email and can help you to explain things in a video content format more easily, you have a limit of saving 25 videos in the free version and you can make instant sharable videos and share it to your team members for learning purpose…

best screen recording tool

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is the same kind of tool as a loom, It helps you to screen capture & screenshot to record screen, It will be useful for people who prepare report who needs high-quality screenshots and Its UI is easy to use and will be helpful for people to make short tutorials

What Font

What font helps you to find out what type of font is used in a webpage, Using this extension you can look into a font which attracts you a lot and you can know and save the font !!

Google SERP Counter

Google search engine result page (SERP) helps to find the ranking of your blog post or product site of yours, It adds a counter next to your search result It helps to identify the position of a website on the search results page, In this case, I had taken my project website JAQUAR as Example its primary keyword is BATHROOM FITTINGS, On searching it shows the result and SERP counter on the image given below…

Search results page

SEO Quake

SEOQuake helps to get insights about websites without leaving the browser. With just a click, you can find search ranking and it helps to do site audit SEO and provides some of the info on results in a SERP. It provides the lists of external and internal links, keyword density, backlinks Etc.

Here I had shown an example for my client website Hindware, You can see the number of pages indexed in google and other search engine index results, And no backlinks can be seen on the backlinks option Traffic analysis can be seen and we can use to improve it and the advantage is if you know your competitor then you can spy on them and know where traffic is coming from and You can implement on yours too!!

site audit SEO

Similar Web

SimilarWeb is a tool that estimates the traffic analysis, By using it we can able to check over the competitor traffic analysis, It shows the visitors over a few months, Bounce rate, page visits, monthly visits, average visit duration, and traffic based on country and the source of traffic…

competitor traffic analysis tool used to find any data, example choose any one of a small startup and paste the name of the company init you will get the data like Emails, LinkedIn Profile By using LinkedIn prospector you can get in touch with employees and can get in touch with them and one of the best things is is you can get A to Z company information which will be helpful for people to get in for a project or job

company information


Snov.Io is one of the best email finder tools which helps to find the emails of the website, It is very useful for sending cold emails and Guest posting And it is used in organizations for the sales process, helps manage leads, builds targeted email campaigns.

email finder tools

Check my Links

Check My Links scans web pages and shows you which links that are working Good, And points out the links which are broken. With this digital marketers can ensure whether the websites are functioning Good or not. and based on the results it helps to build backlinks to the content and increase the DA (domain authority) of the website Which leads to good improvement of the website, Here in this I had taken hindware as an example the results are shown on the below image

Check my Links


Bitly is useful in the process of shortening your links, sharing them and tracking the data of the links via the account. It’s a very useful and essential tool to keep track and check on all your links.

SEO META In 1 Click

It is a tool used for SEO audits where you can get All in one data Starting from Title, Description, Keywords, and robots. text, Languages, and the headers, the Total number of images with alt text and without alt-text and The images without titles, we can check over the number of H1, H2, and H3 tags whether they are placed in the correct manner or not.

Using this tool we can find all issues with just a click

SEO META In 1 Click


Grammarly products is an artificial intelligence system built to analyze sentences and words written in English. It helps you to write mistake-free content in rich grammar, It is very helpful in writing emails , text messages, blogs, and even on social media.


These are the Best Chrome Extensions For Digital marketing In 2022, I hand-picked them based on the best ones that I use for my works kindly Give me your reviews in the comment section and I hope it will be useful for all, Thank You!!!

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